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At Krista Miles Wellness, my passion lies in helping women connect deeper to their heart center in order to relieve feelings of sadness, disconnection, stress, or trauma. As you work towards reconnecting with your heart-centered self, our sessions will help guide you towards purpose & meaning through the use of therapeutic yoga, sound/energy healing, and integrative psychotherapy.

mindfully blending modern day counseling with psychospiritual healing

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Expert Registered Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer based out of Tampa FL. I have been working in the mental health field for over a decade, and throughout my own personal healing journey I have discovered the immense benefits of somatic & body-based healing. 

I've always found traditional talk therapy to be extremely beneficial, but constantly found myself at an impasse because I wasn't also addressing the energy, emotions and trauma that were still living in my body. Now, it is my purpose to help share this with those around me. Specifically helping women to not only heal themselves on a somatic level, but connect deeper to the spiritual aspects of themselves and the world around them.

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Are you a licensed therapist, or healer, searching to sharpen your personal and/or professional skills? I provide individual and group mentorship (in person and online) to healers that are looking to expand their knowledge in the following areas: yoga for mental health, energy healing, disordered eating/eating disorders, spirituality/life purpose, and more. I am also very well connected in the Tampa Bay community, and can help guide you towards building a genuine professional connection with others. I will create an individualized plan with each mentee in order to accomplish exactly what you are looking for!

Are you searching for a space to connect deeper to yourself and other like-minded women? I provide experiential groups, workshops and retreats that provide a space to engage in group sharing, mindfulness meditation, embodiment practices, restorative yoga, sound healing and more. Click here to learn about upcoming events.

I specialize in working with young adult women who are experiencing feelings of disconnection, depression, anxiety, trauma and disordered eating. I am here to help you move through the various transitional periods of life, as this is where a lot of our difficulties tend to surface. In our sessions, I will guide you in a holistic way to identify problem(s), create goals, and teach you how to attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms you are experiencing. Our work will be collaborative in nature, where I will help mentor & guide you towards of life of more passion and purpose. Click here for more information on prices and insurance.

The investment of our sessions will be $200 per hour. To provide the highest quality, personalized care, we choose not to accept insurance. This allows us to focus on your unique needs without the constraints of insurance limitations, ensuring flexibility, privacy, and a stronger therapeutic relationship. Click here to return to information about counseling.

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Meditation is the practice of utilizing a technique, such as focusing on the breath, to train attention and awareness of the mind, body and spirit. Meditation can provide many benefits such as slowing down a racing mind, decreasing physical sensations of anxiety, and instilling a sense of calmness and concentration. Join me in a five minute guided meditation!

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