Wellness Investment

Wellness Investment:

  • $150 per session

Payment Options: Cash, Credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express), Benefit Cards (HSA, FSA), PayPal, & Venmo

Why I Do Not Accept Health Insurance:

Loss of Choice

  • Your insurance company limits your freedom to choose from highly-qualified professionals with whom you feel comfortable
  • Insurance companies try to dictate the length and type of treatment which hinders my ability to treat the whole person.
  • You may be required by your insurance company to take medication in order to use your benefits
  • Your insurance may not cover your diagnosis and therefore you may not receive treatment

Decreased Quality of Care

  • Therapists who accept insurance may have less time to provide you with quality care as they typically have additional paperwork to complete for insurance companies and they usually have to spend a lot of their time dealing with insurance companies to get reimbursed
  • Since therapists who who accept insurance may not get reimbursed right away or get their full reimbursement from their insurance company, they may need to schedule more sessions to meet their financial goals. This may lead to the therapist being overworked and potentially a lower quality of care
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