About Me

Krista Miles, LMHC, E-RYT

Hi, my name is Krista Miles and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Expert Registered Yoga Teacher. I believe that in order for you to feel as comfortable as possible sharing your stories with me in sessions, I also have to be open and willing to share parts of myself. Thus, I’ll start by sharing why and how I chose to be a part of the healing community:

When I was in elementary school, I experienced bullying, poor self-image, and depression. I participated in several unhealthy coping skills because I was unsure what else to do. Once I started high school, I began utilizing yoga as a way to work through the pain I was experiencing. I started off taking classes at my local gym, and when I moved away to college I continued to immerse myself in classes and getting to know the yoga teachers. In 2012 I started to volunteer at a not for profit agency for grieving children and families, where I taught them yoga as a way to cope. During my time as a graduate student at USF, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I became more aware of the tremendous healing powers that yoga had not only on myself, but on others as well. I conducted several research studies and projects on the impact yoga has on one’s mental health. It was then in 2015 that I began Skillful Mind Yoga Teacher Training for Behavioral Health Professionals with Gwen Hanner LMHC E-RYT at Chi Yoga Studio. This was truly a transformational period for me, where I was able to blossom physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Thus, my passion lies in helping others improve their emotional health through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I strongly believe in the mind, body, spirit connection; if we are seeking improvements in one area of our lives, we need to assure that we attend to balancing the others as well. I have over 5 years of experience teaching yoga and counseling individuals in order to guide them towards their authentic selves. I have experience and specialize in helping people through disordered eating, low self-esteem/body image, stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. My sessions primarily focus on the philosophy of yoga/mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy in order to help one release pain and suffering that is held throughout the mind and body. In our sessions I am always willing and open to share my experiences to help you throughout your journey in healing.

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